book@ literary agency partners with many qualified professionals in the sector and offers further services to the literary agency including:

  • Editorial consultancy, for the revision of edited or unedited works
  • Translation of edited or unedited works
  • Dedicated press office, for the promotion of previously published works, or those already in the pipeline.

All the services offered by book@ require payment.

For more information about costs and how to apply, write to: using the name of the service in which you are interested as the Subject line.

Editorial consultancy

1. Evaluation of unedited manuscripts

What is itAn editorial consulting service which professionally evaluates unedited Fiction (for adults and children), Non Fiction and Popular Non Fiction.

Who should be interested: Debut authors interested in receiving a professional opinion or that feel the need for deep insight into their own work to establish its value and potential. A positive evaluation does not imply automatic representation by book@ literary agency.

How does it workThe author will be sent a report of approximately 10 pages containing a detailed analysis of the thematic and stylistic themes of the text (structure, characters, style, language), further to highlighted points of strength and possible weaknesses.


2. Presentation Profile of work

What is it: This reading will result in the preparation of a detailed presentation profile that will promote the Work’s points of strength. The profile can be potentially attached to other promotional material that the author can use in distributing their Work.

Who should be interested: Authors that intend to self-publish their own book and want to receive a presentation profile of their own Work. A considerable part of the profile is dedicated to providing specific information and advice aimed at improving the manuscript in view of publication.

How does it work: Our experience as agents is offered through evaluation profiles in a specific section, “Spendibilità Editoriale”, dedicated to identifying a group of editors to whom the manuscript can be sent in accordance with its literary and commercial potential.


* A positive evaluation does not imply automatic representation by book@. In cases in which our review results in particular interest, the author will be given a proposal for exclusive representation for their review.

** The time required for these evaluations is determined by the options chosen, but will not surpass 45 working days (beginning from the engagement of the service and the date of payment for the service).

For costs and further instructions write to

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Professional Translations

What is it: The Word Room Translations is a firm run by English mother tongue translator, Alistair Lee, who lives permanently in Italy with his family. A skilled writer with years of experience translating Italian into ‘natural’ or ‘native’ English, he specialises in translating narrative text and sales/marketing documentation.

Who should be interested: Editors, authors, companies, and anyone who wishes to promote their work in to an English reading audience.

How does it work: Alistair offers personalised packages through book@ literacy agency which include personal consultation in order to truly understand what you, the client, want and need.

Packages are offered for:

  • Catalogues
  • Synopses
  • Chapter submissions
  • Book translations

For large quantities over 50 units (1 unit = 1,500 characters including spaces) other packages can be negotiated.

Clients: The Word Room Translations is regularly contracted by companies including: Rizzoli, Atlantyca Entertainment, Adriano Salani Editore, Phonetica, English Corner, Accento to name a few.

For further information contact

Press Office

Who is it: Studio Mun is a dynamic and creative communication office founded in 2011 with years of experience in communication companies, publishing and cinematographic press offices, and the academic environment.

Between their offices in Milan and Rome, the directors include Vania Ribeca, Chiara Faggiolani, and Eleonora Doci.

Who should be interested: Professionals and companies involved in cultural and literary festivals, art, design, food, and show business.

How does it work: Studio Mun creates a tailored communication plan for every single client, for each and every need, without ever abandoning their unique and dynamic approach.

For further information contact: